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"Making business easier and more profitable for its members."

The NationWide Contractors' Alliance (NWCA) enrolled its first of thousands of members to join in April of 2007 and was originally titled the Western States Contractors' Alliance. The organization grew into a nationwide scope as the problems solved for its members moved east of the Mississippi. In fact, hundreds of members had joined east of the Mississippi before the NWCA was renamed.

Founded on a vision of focused service to its members, the NWCA is built on three cornerstones: education, integration and aggregation. Members commit to a level of improvement and industry performance, yet have the tools to make such a commitment both feasible and affordable. The NWCA Learning Center and bi-monthly newsletter provides for a member's awareness of key concepts affecting their business operations, positive practices, and long term profitability. The education provided allows a member to better appreciate how to best implement the programs and services offered by the NWCA.

Many of the NWCA programs and services compound their effect on a member's profitability, thus a member's participation in multiple programs or services goes beyond the effect of four plus four, but rather tends to reflect a four times four relationship. As the member both understands how to implement a program and service and how these opportunities can compound their profitability, integration is achieved.

The NWCA staff and technologies are carefully managed and highly specialized to achieve both the education and integration objectives described above. With instantaneous follow up and accountability systems, members are assured outstanding follow up after they've indicated a key area of curiosity or need. Staff is trained to listen, learn and serve the membership and communicate appropriate information to program and service experts that can help implement solutions.

Only through this level of education and integration is meaningful aggregation achieved. Program and services to be endorsed by the NWCA recognize more than the fast growing membership, but the methods in how members are educated and how such programs and services are truly integrated and must provide compounding value. Each program and service has a context and purposes to the above described vision. All NWCA member service providers receive specific training and provide regular input and reports as to member problems solved. Members can know what to expect in terms of value from the NWCA programs and services.

The NWCA is a proud member of the National Association of Home Builders. Careful not to duplicate the purposes or vision of well traditional construction organizations, the NWCA does not focus on government affairs, leadership development, or other aspects where such organizations are providing excellence. In fact, the NWCA searches out opportunities to assist the industry through these organizations where mutual interests are well identified.

The NWCA continues to rapidly grow as a member services organization and new solutions are developed based on careful listening and pointed impact on long term member profitability. Through education and input, the NWCA's members can be better equiped to survive and grow through the cycles common to the construction industry. Most importantly, members will know how to better enjoy construction again, while more expensive and mundane business operations can be made more manageable and profitable.

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