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Contractors join the NationWide Contractors' Alliance (NWCA) for one of the various programs or services that can only be obtained by becoming a member. Many contractors renew their membership as they discover how participating in multiple programs and services further improves their operations and profitability. The NWCA is focused on listening to the construction industry, learning of specific problems that need to be solved and serving its membership by carefully selecting and negotiating access to programs and services that can make a difference.

The current members only programs and service categories include:
  • NWCA Learning Center --- Courses average an hour in length and are both on line and regular mail correspondence. Topics range from alternative dispute resolution, to subcontractor selection, to customer service, to builder warranty and many others. All courses written from the perspective of the construction industry and can be easily understood. Members completing courses may receive additional discounts from other programs or services.

  • Document Management --- Service directed to builder members who'd prefer to affordably outsource the collection and storage of key documents involved with subcontractors.

  • Homebuyer Warranty Programs --- The NWCA refers to "A" rated warranty providers with tremendous track records in making both happy builders and homeowners. Builder members buy this warranty to provide an effective customer service guarantee and eliminate open ended defect allegations.

  • NWCA Finance Center --- Members can be referred to obtain financing for construction equipment and development projects.

  • Liability Insurance Program --- The NWCA endorses some of the most flexible and innovative construction liability programs in the country. With "A" rated innovations such as the Top Drawer program for tract builders and solid 12 month practice policy programs, our members enjoy programs responsive to NWCA Learning Center course completion. Most types of contractors are contemplated by the programs. The NWCA is not an insurance organization of any sort and refers all insurance matters to properly licensed professionals.

  • Workers Compensation Insurance Programs --- The NWCA endorses some of the most flexible and innovative construction workers compensation programs as well. With "A" rated monthly reporting options for both large and small contractors in a number of states, our members see relief from high premiums and are rewarded for implementing safety. Most types of contractors are contemplated by the programs. The NWCA is not an insurance organization of any sort and refers all insurance matters to properly licensed professionals.

  • Fleet Management and GPS Tracking --- Members using the NWCA endorsed Fleet Management system can be assured of input and response as to driver safety. The GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) program helps reduce fuel costs and allows live vehicle tracking to assure employee efficiency and quicker customer service response. Members receive significant discounts.

  • Workers Compensation Overcharge Recovery --- Contractors will find that one third of all workers compensation policies are overcharging due to errors in premium data or claims reporting to the NCCI (resulting in elevated experience modifiers). NWCA members are eligible for a FREE consultation and review of upto four years of policies and only pay if premium is recovered (50% of the recovery). Such recoveries may range from 10-40% of policy premiums, per each of the four years.

  • Wrap Administration --- Builder and Developer members enjoy a higher level of service and expertise while enjoying a group pricing discount by the NWCA endorsed wrap administrator.

  • Large Project Risk Mitigation System --- The NWCA endorses an "Invitation Only" system by which large residential and mixed use projects can realize a 10 year zero cost of risk management. The system combines concepts of pre-funded deductibles/SIR, highest levels of quality control, proven warranty providers, and integrated project and subcontractor management solution to achieve assurance of project financial objectives.

  • Comprehensive Employment Solution --- Some members simply prefer to completely outsource most all employment functions ranging from hiring practices, benefits administration, safety compliance, workers compensation negotiation, unemployment insurance, to proper terminations. Members in select states may opt for this packaged set of employment services and enjoy tremendous savings in both time and money.

  • Customer Service Software --- Document, measure and track customer service requests. Match the request against your warranty and/or statutory requirements and determine if chargeable or included. Builder members enjoy no set up fee and three months free (no matter how many homes) and only $33 per home afterward. Many times the insurance credits can more than offset the costs.

  • Risk Management Evaluation System (RMES) --- Available to both Contractor and Project Members, the RMES serves to introduce and communicate concepts designed to avoid litigation and solve project problems before they happen. The RMES is also designed to allow members to represent their positive decisions and practice directly to member service providers in efforts to achieve best pricing and value.

One third of contractors reviewing a proposal from an endorsed member services provider requiring membership see the value proposition as obvious---getting more for less total cost than the next best option. Another third see the situation where the total cost is similar, and they stand to get more value for the same dollar. Lastly, the NWCA may initially cost more and the contractor should look to some of the other endorsed programs or services to realize the savings envisioned.

Dues are 0.20% (zero point two zero percent) of annual sales and membership is annual. Dues are subject to a $250 minimum and $10,000 maximum per year. Dues calculations are not subject to revision and dues are not refundable.

To discuss potential membership or to better understand a program that might be right for you, contact our Outreach Division at extension 23.

Contractors joining the NWCA commit to a Code of Conduct. Members not adhering to this code may be removed from membership and their participation in an endorsed program(s) terminated. Not unlike other construction industry organizations, the NWCA intends to improve the industry and sees its members as a good example of leadership.

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