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Joining the NWCA has both its privileges and responsibilities. Members receive both immediate benefits and access to specially selected programs and services. Members agree to abide by the Code of Conduct (see below) and Terms of Membership, all designed for the betterment of the construction industry, the benefit of the larger membership and the NWCA.

If you prefer, we make joining easy by phone. Our membership division can be reached at 866-491-9722 x21 and they will complete any necessary forms for you and help you select the best way to pay the annual dues. Dues are based on sales volume for all contractor members. Associate members (non-contractors) have dues based on number of employees.

Our Membership Division will call to verify all on line applications and confirm dues amounts. Membership is subject to approval and requires a minimum of one reference from the construction industry (member or non-member).

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NWCA Membership Terms and Conditions

As members of the NationWide Contractor's Alliance, we pledge allegiance to the following principles:
I. To build structures of the highest quality that meet or exceed the standards for safety and quality set forth in building codes and generally accepted industry publications
II. To treat fairly and equitably all customers, employees, suppliers and sub-contractors
III. To comply with all applicable rules and regulations set forth by government entities at the local, state and federal levels
IV. To incorporate environmentally friendly practices in the design and construction of projects wherever feasible
V. To make every reasonable effort to avoid construction defect litigation and to strive continuously to improve our operations in order to minimize and/or eliminate the potential for such litigation
VI. To support the efforts of the NationWide Contractor's Alliance to promote industry safety, quality and efficiency; and to work with other organizations within and outside of the industry to this end.
VII. To conduct business operations in an open, ethical and honest manner that reflects favorably on the creditability of the companies within the industry, the NationWide Contractors' Alliance and individual company members therein.

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