NWC Alliance Construction Risk

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Trades Tracking can both protect a builder's insurance record and avoid the builder's need to pay deductibles, self insured retention, or legal expenses. Having "Claims Ready" files, the subcontractors' insurance will defend and pay for claims.

Large builders have been using Trades Tracking practices for years and have plenty of subcontractors competing to do their projects. Trades Tracking is careful to procure needed insurance documents while not upsetting business relationships. In fact, over seven years and thousands of subcontractors files...not a single business relationship was lost

The time saved for a builder is immense. For every 100 subs, a builder has to hire a full time employee. What's worse is how the employee typically doesn't review full policy copies for exclusions or limitations that would render all the paperwork useless.

Trades Tracking uses proprietary systems and proven methods to do a good job at half the cost a builder would incur doing it themselves. It's client base ranges from small custom builders to larger commercial builders and reaches as far as the 23rd largest tract producer in the entire country.

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