Builder Liability Insurance Problems: A Top Ten

Jared Gossett discovered NWC Alliance through a concerned retail and casualty insurance agent in Austin, Texas – Doug Lynch. After having some difficulties with his insurer, he asked Doug for informational resources that could help.

Jared was connected to Treacy Duerfeldt (founder of NWC Alliance), and many conversations ensued. Through these dialogues, Jared discovered that Treacy’s 30-years of experience and blunt, no nonsense approach, were both helpful and revealing.

Jared’s podcast then became a topic and the below top 10 were decided upon as valuable discussion points. 

Insurance in the eyes of most builders and their subcontractors is a necessary evil.  It’s no wonder; as many pay in year after year without ever having a general liability claim.  Worse yet, if a builder does have a claim, the results are frequently disappointing.  Let’s look at the Top Ten reasons for builder disappointment in liability coverage:

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