NWC Alliance Construction Risk

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Welcome to WISE Insure, a different way of doing wholesale for Contractors Liability

Flip the card to see what questions Agents find themselves asking! 

"What can my wholesale broker teach me to level the playing field and better understand construction liability"?

"How do I get a return phone call, much less a visit from my construction liability wholesaler"?

"Does my wholesaler have exclusive access to any unique products, really"?

When the smaller agency needs help, WISE Insure is all about education, empowerment, and service. Although we try to keep things simple, we don't hesitate to explain or understand the complicated issues either. WISE Insure has markets and tools for various types of contractors, from the smaller trade concerned about a license requirement, to the larger subcontractor who needs a flexible, coverage-oriented policy on "A-rated" paper to get the big commercial job.