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Safety Protection Program

Most OSHA safety inspections are triggered by a reportable accident. SPP was created to support smaller trades that don’t have the resources to hire a full-time safety director and need assistance with risk management. .


SPP compares a contractors current safety practices to its proprietary database and recommends practical, tailored improvements that will help minimize the possibility of serious accidents. The SPP Safety Intelligence Report captures this information  and details the top 3 focus areas based upon priority. .

Refund Guarantee
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Once The Commitment Is Made To Implement These Practices - The Safety Protection Program GUARANTEES That If An Inspection Does Occur Over The Course Of A Year And It Can’t Reduce The Fines To $5,000 Or Less, The Yearly Fee Will Be Refunded In Full.

The data used to generate the Safety Intelligence Report is derived from over .
of  Research

& involves

Contractor Employers
Unlike most safety data, SPP's metrics include the impact of improved:
Employee Screening & Claims Readiness

Take Drug Testing For Example

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A seasoned state work comp veteran firmly believed that drug testing was
the most important focus for his large group of contractors. 
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 A statistical analyzes found that drug testing was only significant with 25% of the group for any impact on claims.
Impact on claims