NWC Alliance Construction Risk

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We are a boutique wholesaler focused on the construction industry. We provide insurance products of all kinds to retail construction agents across the country. We are committed to ongoing process improvement and growth, which has resulted in new opportunities for both our insurers and our retail agency partners. Every day we create effective partnerships to bridge the residential construction and insurance industries. We have grown 150% in the past three years and our various capabilities and achievements have certainly given us things to “Hoot” about”
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  • An exclusive and unique Smart Home/Cyber Liability product with 1st & 3rd party coverage
  • A new business closing ratio of 55% (All lines)
  • Teamwork that insures the 23rd and 45th largest home builders in the USA
  • Approval as a wholesaler for the world’s largest retail brokerage
  • Operations in 23 different states where residential construction needs us most
  • Sustained representation and service at the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) through:
         - Professional Women in Building Council
         - Construction Defect and Building Materials Committee
         - Construction Health and Safety Committee

The range of products WISE offers to residential home building and construction is comprehensive and unique:

  • General Liability with $1,500 minimum premium, “Cadillac” coverage at a low $5,000 MP
  • Simplified audits
  • Condo/Townhome work with no restriction on the number of units in a development, including new construction
  • Smart Home/Cyber Liability (1st & 3rd Party) at $1,300 MP
  • Professional and Pollution Liability, ALL types of contractors and construction
  • Builders Risk and Installation Floaters, as low as a no MP (Coastal, Non Coastal)
  • Excess Casualty with $750 MP, partial year and project specific OK
  • List Item Competitive Workers Compensation solutions with unique and proprietary tools (not available in all states)
  • Larger Builders Casualty product where cash warranty costs apply to deductibles of SIR
  • Large Home Builder renewable general liability rates as low as $1.75 on annual sales
  • Difficult Trades welcome: roofers, retaining walls, foundation. plumbers, pool contractors, and more
  • ALL “A” rated solutions, admitted and non admitted

Our Best Retail Agency Partners: :

  • Focus on Residential Construction
  • Believe in both mitigation risks and transferring risks with large accounts
  • Commit to mutual performance standards
  • Appreciate consistency, reliability, and sustainability
  • Understand the meaning of “Rifle vs Shotgun”
  • Understand Smart Home and Cyber Liability
  • Understand the role of Pollution, Professional & Mold Liability
  • Serve their Local Home Builders Association(s) or niche builders group
  • Write accounts from $1,500 to $1.2M per year in annual premiums
  • Use WISE instead of the more corporate wholesalers whom we beat most of the time

Our “boutique” approach in working with the key agents has never changed. We are a “trust based” relationship wholesaler with creativity and deep problem solving expertise

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