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NWCA Learning Center

The Why's of Wise Insure

NWC Alliance explains the what and why on offering different lines of coverage

What is Builders Risk Insurance?

Why Contractors need Builders Risk Insurance?


Pollution & Professional Liability Coverage for Contractors

NWC Alliance founder Treacy Duerfeldt has worked extensively with NAHB on creating content that is educational and valuable to Contractors

NAHB's "Work Comp Gone Wild"by Treacy Duerfeldt and Builder Alan Banks

NAHB & NWCA Construction Defects Podcast 

Installation Defects

Equipment Performance

Construction Defect Example

Faulty Design

Defect States


Defect Suit Consequences

Construction Defect Solution

Our Cyber insurance section offers educational videos and articles that bring familiarization to the cyber world

Cyber Insurance Education

Smart-E & Tina Intro

So who is buying all these smart homes anyway?

Are Smart Homes Risky

Smart Home Horror Stories

Smart Home Updates

"Florida Chamber of Commerce's Common Sense Cyber"

Contractors Insurance from the Airways

Building Optimal Podcast: Insurance FAQs

What's New in the Insurance World?

Building Optimal: Policy Exclusions

Common Sense Clips for Builders

Liability, Cyber, Warranty from the Austin Tx. Infill Panel 2019

NWCA Construction Insurance Basics

Ch.1 Reducing Costs for Commercial Liability Insurance

Ch.2 Using Alternative Dispute Resolution

Ch.3 Mediation - The First Step

Ch.4 Arbitration - A Major Form of ADR

Ch.5 Warranties - An Important Method of Preventing Litigation

Ch.6 Selection of Subcontractors - New Area of Risk Management

Ch.7 Customer Service and Claims Management

Ch.8 Insurance Carrier Claims Services

Ch. 10 Pooling the Risk by Using a Wrap

NWCA Articles written by Principal Treacy Duerfeldt

Builders Risk Insurance Explained

Builders Risk Insurance...It's Cheaper Now & More Flexible

Resource Articles

Your Philips Hue light bulbs can still be hacked & until recently, compromise your network.

Smart Home-Cyber Alert: For all agents selling General Liability insurance to residential builders and contractors!

Hacker Claims Popular Android App Store Breached: Publishes 20 Million User Credentials

FBI ‘Drive-By’ Hacking Warning Just Got Real: Here’s How This Malicious New Threat Works

Cyberattacks on service providers pose a unique threat to firms

CyberCube: Global insurance industry can play greater role in setting cyber standards


How To: Start Building Your Smart Home!

Antivirus software being disabled by new threat

Insurance Journal’s Top 10 Cyber Risk Stories of 2019