At the learning center you will find useful information that either an agent or a construction professional can implement into their everyday work life.

In the General liability and Builders Risk Education section you will find helpful articles and learning tools that will assist in providing a better understanding of the construction industry.

General Liability, XS, & Builders Risk Education

BR, GL, XS Insurance Articles

Builders Risk Insurance Explained

Builders Risk Insurance…It’s Cheaper Now and More Flexible

Builder & Agent Continued Risk Management Education

Ch.1 Reducing Costs for Commercial General Liability Insurance

Ch.2 Using Alternative Dispute Resolution

Ch.3 Mediation – The First Step in ADR

Ch. 4 Arbitration – A Major Form of ADR

Ch.5 Warranties – An Important Method of Preventing Litigation*

Ch.6 Selection of Subcontractors – A New Area of Risk Management

Ch. 7 Customer Service and Claims Management

Ch. 8 Insurance Carrier Claims Services

Ch. 10 Pooling the risk by using a “Wrap”

Our Cyber insurance section offers educational videos and articles that bring familiarization to the cyber world.

Cyber Insurance Education

Cyber Talk with Smart-E & Trina Show!

Smart-E & Trina Introduction Ep.1

Smart-E & Trina: Who is buying Smart Homes? Ep. 2

Smart-E & Trina: Smart Home updates! Ep. 3

Cyber-Smart Home News

Smart-Cyber Insurance Agent E&O

A brief history of Smart Homes

Who is buying Smart Homes anyway?

So what does millennial home ownership look like?

Why should homeowners upgrade to a Smart Home?

How to: Start building your Smart Home

Why Mainstream Media Coverage of Cyber Insurance Is Driving Underwriters Crazy!

The 5 biggest problems with Smart Homes (and how to deal with them)

How Has Smart Home Technology Impacted Real Estate?

In Baltimore and Beyond, a Stolen N.S.A. Tool Wreaks Havoc!

Want the Smartest Home on the block? Here’s hat you’ll need

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