NWC Alliance Construction Risk

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Large Builder Program

The risk management opportunities and strategies for large, established builders doing $50M or more in annual sales continues to evolve. If you are not presenting these new strategies and opportunities to your large builder clients, someone else will and your relationship may be at risk. However, if you are a qualified producing agent with WISE Insure, you will have access to the resources and new strategies you need to offer to your clients through our Large Builder RM&T Program. You will also be able to use this program to help you successfully approach prospective new clients that fit the large builder profile

RM&T stands for Risk Management and Transfer. The emphasis is on both the management of risk, as well as the transfer of risk from a general liability viewpoint. Our key agents collaborate with us in interviewing the right builders, and championing the tailor-made recommendations required. Utilizing a team approach with our retail producer, as well as developing mutual, effective levels of trust are essential to the success of the program.

RM&T is intended for established builders of $50M or more in annual sales, who have proven customer service practices and understand the value that risk management plays in enhancing their reputation. The program is not one size fits all. It adapts to each builders' current practices, construction types, loss experience, and jurisdiction of litigation.

Highlights of the program include:

  • Deductible rather than SIR (Self-Insured Retention) without collateral required
  • Warranty expense incurred by builder for subcontracted work applies to deductible/claim
  • Available assistance with warranty, subcontractor risk transfer, and quality assurance audits
  • No Prior Work Exclusions
  • No modification of Exclusion "L" or Occurrence definition
  • Coverage allowances for multi-family work that is incidental to tracts
  • Includes coverage for earth movement/subsidence
  • Includes coverage for action over
  • No exclusions for un/underinsured subcontractors
  • No sub-limit on water intrusion
  • Defense OUTSIDE the Limits
  • Annually  renewable with refreshing limits
  • Written on AM BEST A IX paper
  • Easily underwritten XS up to $5M
  • Smart Home & Cyber coverage enhancements

The WISE Insure Advantage

  • Our Expertise:
    Wise's average broker experience exceeds 25 years each with a combined insurance experience of over 125 years. Treacy Duerfeldt is an active member of National Association of Home Builder’s two national policy committees: Construction Liability and Building Materials and Construction Health and Safety. He has authored various insurance forms in use today throughout the construction industry, and has both identified and innovated solutions to mitigate or minimize construction risks that enhance a builder’s profile and insurance profitability.
  • Customized, Tailored Approach:
    Each qualified builder and their agent will have input on RM&T design features, so they are best suited for each builder. Attitudes, situations, and histories will differ and can certainly evolve over time. Large builder management teams do experience change, and a builder who may not be a good fit one year may certainly be eligible in later years.
  • Program Sustainability:
    Sustainability is better assured in our annual renewal program because builders that are initially brought in can be disqualified and non-renewed if practices or loss trends go negative. This protects the other builders who remain consistent while in the program.
  • Builders Risk:
    In addition to general liability and excess liability risk transfer, Wise Insure also offers unsurpassed combinations of builders risk solutions using multiple key carriers that provide for a complete appetite with competitive pricing and superior coverage.

WISE Insure continues to grow as a wholesale organization, solely focused on construction with retail agents over 75% of the United States.